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Useful information

Is this your first time on the Island of Salina? Here’s some useful information. Check the pages What to see, Itineraries and Events for more details.


The predominant climate in Salina Island is temperate Mediterranean with mild winters and long hot summers which makes the island a perfect holidays destination all year round. The average year temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius. An impressive natural feature caused by harsh winters can be Mount “ Fossa delle Felci” pick blanketed in snow.

The seaside

Since 7 years Salina´s blue sea has been awarded with the 5-Sails of Legambiente and Touring Club Blue Guide. The sea together with the beaches are Salina´s pride. The most charming beach is set in a crater portion and can be found in Pollara which is located on the north western end of the island. The beach is characterized by a pebbly and stony shore but also by its spectacular limestone cliffs. Unfortunately in the last few years the access to the beach has been denied to the public due to danger from falling rocks. But it´s possible to admire the beach from the sea or from the rocky beach of the adjacent fishing village. On this beach Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret played the cult scene from the film Il Postino. Another interesting rocky beach can be found in Malfa . The beach is easily accessible by a panoramic staircase. Not far from Rinella port, in the small village of Leni there is a typical Aeolian black-sand beach characterized by old fishing shelters carved into the rock. On the other side of the island in St. Maria Salina there are two beautiful beaches: the beach of Barone not far from the port easily accessible from the shorefront and the pebbly beach of the cemetery. Another 2 nice beaches are in the hamlet of Lingua: the large shorefront beach and the beach of the lighthouse.

Bank holidays and leisure activities

Mardí Gras in St. Marina Salina at the main square “ Salsiccia in piazza ”. A feast of sausages .
19th of March in Malfa “La Tavuliata di San Giuseppe ” a large outdoor table set with traditional delicacies from the Aeolian cuisine. A free tasting to the villages families.
3rd Sunday of March in Lingua “La Tavuliata di San Giuseppe ”. A free tasting of unique dishes.
1st of May in Leni “La Tavuliata di San Giuseppe ”. A free tasting of typical dishes and local products.
1st Sunday of June in Pollara“ Sagra del Cappero” free tasting of local products and dishes based on cappers and “cucunci”.
17th of July Feast of St. Marina patron of St. Marina Salina
23rd of July in Leni´s hamlet Feast of the “Madonna of Terzito a Valdichiesa”.
26th of July in Capo Faro, Malfa´s hamlet, Feast of St. Anna
7th of August in Rinella Leni´s hamlet Feast of St. Gaetano
10th of August Feast of St. Lorenzo patron of Lingua
27th of August Feast of St. Bartolomeo patron of Lingua.
8th of September in Malfa Feast of St. Maria Bambina.
The final evening of each bank holiday is characterized by a spectacular fire-works display that can illuminate the midsummer night on the Assumption of Mary. During Summer plenty of leisure activities are organized: free open-air cinemas, classical rock and pop concert, theatre shows, disco under the stars and much more.

Local products

Salina is characterized by a fertile land and the majority of its local products are agricultural. The island is a wine production area with a wide variety of high-quality wines. The most well known Aeolian wine is the Malvasia D.o.c which has been produced since 1973. In Salina are also grown capers and “cucunci”(caper fruits) which are exported all over the world.

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    Salina is a UNESCO World Heritage
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