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Salina's Il Postino for you

Il Postino: scene from the movie with Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret

How important is poetry?
Very: taught us the film Il Postino, a masterpiece of 1994, directed by Michael Radford and Scottish starred, among others, Philippe Noiret, Massimo Troisi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta.  The film is adapted from the novel Ardiente Paciencia (1986) written by the Chilean Antonio Skàrmeta, and is set in Italy in the '50s. As you can imagine, the book's author set his postman in Chile (and in the movie there is the transposition in Italy) and braided narrative with the historical background in their own country as the Chilean coup, the coup against Allende. In the film, the historical context is the Italian clashes between Christian Democrats and the Communist Party.

Mario Ruoppolo (Troisi) is an unemployed son of a fisherman and was appointed auxiliary postman island of the Aeolian Islands (in the literary version Skàrmeta called Isla Negra, in the film refers to Procida and Salina). Most of the island's population is illiterate, so the only recipient to be served is the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (Philippe Noiret), an exile with his wife. Mario feels a great admiration for Neruda, who gradually understands its untapped potential. The two become a friendship that goes beyond the different social classes, through which Mario discovers poetry and politics, but also the determining power of feelings such as friendship and love. Mario is conscious of possessing a level of cultural background much lower than that of Neruda, but nevertheless regards it as a teacher, a poet, and is guided to the discovery of knowledge that discovers relevant today. An example? The metaphors, theoretical, are actually tools for describing the most simple observations of everyday life.
"You want to say, then, that the whole world is a metaphor for something?" Massimo Troisi (Mario Ruoppolo) - based on the film Il Postino

The Chilean poet, meanwhile, learns to appreciate the candor, spontaneity and simplicity of Mario, helping it to flourish these features to win Beatrice Russo, the female protagonist played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Beatrice is the niece of the owner of the tavern and it is beautiful, so much so that Mario feels essersene soon fell in love. To help young people to break the heart of the girl, to get his attention, Neruda suggests to dedicate words of love poems. 

"Your smile spreads like a butterfly" Massimo Troisi (Mario Ruoppolo) - based on the film Il Postino

Despite the ban aunt (in the book it instead of the mother) to continue to see Mario - who has devoted too provocative words to Beatrice - the girl runs to get to the guy that reciprocates the feeling. Unfortunately, during the wedding of two young people, the event occurs that disrupts the plot: Neruda can go home in Chile, because the arrest was lifted. Memorable in the film Il Postino Troisi, the final scenes. Mario, who over the years has worked at the inn with Beatrice, follows the exploits of his friend away and send a reservation, full of sounds and island capable of arousing all the happy memories of time spent together. 

"Number one, in order to haul in. Number two big waves. Number three: the wind of the cliff. Number four: the wind of the bushes. Number five: Networks sad about my father. Number six: the bells of the Addolorata, with a priest. Number seven: starry sky island. Number eight: the heart of Pablito ".Up Troisi (Mario Ruoppolo) - based on the film Il Postino 

After five years, Neruda and his wife returned to visit the island and discover the sad present: Mario died during a demonstration of the Communist Party, before the birth of his son - Pablito named in honor of the master never forgotten. In the novel, unlike the movie, Mario is to witness the death of the master Neruda (1973).  The film is tied hand in glove with the figure of Massimo Troisi, who, though he was not the director, gave an interpretation masterful and moving but he died at the end of the shoot, right in 1994. The Postman Troisi is tinged in every scene feature melancholy note that distinguishes the recitation of the famous actor died. The film Il Postino won an Oscar for the music (by Luis Bacalov and Blanche Dubois), as well as four nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay.  He also won the BAFTA Award for Best Film not in the English language, best director and best music, and the David di Donatello for Best Editing. The masterpiece Troisi was also defined by the prestigious New York Times, one of the thousand best films in the history of cinema. Roberto Benigni called the film "love at first sight" and was only one of many accolades that he received Troisi's Il Postino: The Washington Times wrote "The Postman is the triumph of international Troisi hoping to have and does not have had time to enjoy "and the New York Times added that" Troisi gives his character a truth and simplicity that does it all. "

Il Postino: route to Salina

Shot in various locations, including Procida and Pantelleria, Il Postino Massimo Troisi has also found a home on the island of Salina, literally. In fact, the home of the poet Neruda and the beach where he loved to walk are the two locations of Il Postino in Salina and are visited every year by tourists.
- House of the poet Pablo Neruda - known as "the pink house", is Pollara. In the film, Troisi goes every day to this locality, cycling, and deliver the mail.

- "Cala Troisi" - that has been dubbed the beach of Pollara, Malfa, on which walking Mario and Neruda.

In 2014, a few days ago, twenty years after the death of Massimo Troisi, Il Postino is back to life thanks to the work of digital restoration of the film. The edition is available since yesterday October 29 in DVD, Blu-ray and via download on iTunes. The masterpiece was unveiled to the public Sunday, October 26th during the International Film Festival of Rome. Maria Grazia Cucinotta (in the film plays Beatrice) recalled the film Troisi as follows: "Il Postino is my story. 20 years have passed but not a day that I am in any part of the world I find myself do not remember. It is a magical film that is in everyone's heart, not only in Italy, and I will never stop to think about Massimo Troisi. "(interview by Reuters)

"Poetry is not who wrote it, who is he needs."
Massimo Troisi (Mario Ruoppolo) - based on the film Il Postino

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