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Map of the Island of Salina - Aeolian Islands


From East to West, we explore the island of Salina.

Santa Marina Salina - classified as a resort with one of the most beautiful seas of Italy, Santa Marina Salina is the starting point for tours by sea and by land, but also the center of numerous sporting events, food and wine. To learn more about Santa Marina Salina we suggest you visit the page What to See

Malfa - town of about 1,000 inhabitants, is located in a hilly area, 100 meters above sea level His name seems to derive from the Arabic marfa, which means harbor, symbolizing their vocation port of the resort, but according to some other versions of the source would be attributable to Amalfi, which some residents from the island broke away to settle in Salina in the twelfth century .

Pollara - is a fraction of Malfa, along with Head Lighthouse. Salina was common until 1909 only, since that date was later divided into the three main areas of Malfa, Leni and Santa Marina Salina. Pollara was the set of the famous film “Il Postino” by Massimo Troisi. Do not forget to explore, finally, the Stack.

Leni - this town has about 710 inhabitants and is located 200 meters above sea level, although there are facing directly. Its name derives from the greek Lenos, or press: the country is in fact famous for the production of wine. Leni extends between two of the six volcanoes that make up the geology of Salina.

Rinella - is known for two characteristics: the black beach, topped with rock-cut caves, and the square was chosen as the set of Volcano, starring, among others, by Anna Magnani. If you love the sea, do not miss this rock to reach it. Rinella is the second port of the island of Salina.

Lingua- village of Santa Marina Salina, known for its ethno-anthropological museum. Here you can explore an interesting nature trail that will lead to the discovery of a salt lake, used in ancient times as saline.

To find out much more on the Salina see the calendar of events

Saint Marina Church - Santa Marina Salina - Salina - Aeolian IslandsThe seaside - Santa Marina Salina - Salina - Aeolian IslandsWalk along the sea- Salina - Aeolian Islands
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    Salina is a UNESCO World Heritage
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