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An island of taste: Christmas recipes on Salina - Panettone gourmet gluten free

Christmas Recipes Salina: panettone gluten free

Love good food means knowing how to enjoy it even in the presence of food intolerances or limitations regarding our health. This is why we asked the site Gluten Free Travel&Living to offer our fans a recipe able to inspire those who are gluten intolerant.
The stuffing, which you can modify to suit your taste, Sonia decided to add our beloved capers, proposing a version with a Mediterranean flavor.

Serves 6:
For the chariot
- 75 g Prepared for gluten-free bread
- 80 g milk
- 3 g fresh yeast

For the dough
- 200 g Prepared cake leavened gluten
- 20 g sugar
- 4 g salt
- 135 g milk
- 2 medium eggs
- 1 teaspoon honey
- 40 g butter cream
- 3 g fresh yeast

For the filling
- 250 g cream cheese gluten
- Smoked Salmon
- Tuna in oil
- capers
- Ham gluten
- mozzarella
- oregano
- pepper
- Grated cheese or thinly
- tomato

For the chariot (20.00)
Mix in a bowl the flour with the baking powder and milk by removing the lumps. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

For the dough (07,00)
Pour into the bowl of the mixer the chariot, the flour, sugar, honey and add one egg at a time using the accessory leaf. Pour the milk little by little and wait to be built before spilling another. When the mass will be well mixed, add the butter cream and salt. When everything is incorporated, pour the mixture into a mold to panettone 500 g. Level the surface, cover and let the dough reaches the top edge. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the cake for 40 '.
Stuck the cake at the base, turn it over and let cool. Cut the cake into three layers cold and proceed to the filling. Spread the cheese on the base and cover with smoked salmon and pepper. Spread the second layer and cover with tuna and capers. Terminate the third layer with ham and mozzarella.

Cover with the top cap and sprinkle with remaining cheese, decorating it with roses cheese.

If you want to suggest you also your recipes Christmas or test creativity with the typical products of the island of Salina, please email us on our Facebook fanpage

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