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Love Salina interview the director of the Museum of Emigration in Malfa

The editors of Love Salina interviewed Marcello Saija, director of the Aeolian Museum of Emigration in Malfa.
Together with him we find out more about this space, which collects memories of the past records of those who chose to leave for a new life, images and time-worn but always present.

How and when was founded the Museum?
The museum was born February 14, 1999 with the signing of the so-called protocol Valentine's Day, thanks to which the Stony Brook University in Long Island, and twelve of organizations and associations in Sicily have decided to set up and start a museum dedicated to the theme of the Aeolian 'emigration.

What are the points not to be missed in your museum, the exhibits of the most valuable and relief?
The museum follows a chronological path, which illustrates the Aeolian migration in the Americas, Argentina and Australia. It consists mainly of previously unpublished photographs and original documents.

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What has so far been the feedback from your visitors? What countries mainly? 
The museum has about 1,200 visitors a year, mainly in Australia but also Americans and Argentines.  There are many Italians.

What are the future plans of the museum? He advances to our users?
We are planning an expansion of sections devoted to Latin America and Australia.

The Aeolian Museum of Emigration is open in the summer from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 13 and from 16 to 19.30, while in the winter times go, always from Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 13.
You can also find the museum on Facebook : on the fanpage collected photos of tourists come to find out from every part of the world and the reviews, which help to make the museum a must if you are visiting the island of Salina.

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