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An island of taste: Christmas recipes on Salina - mousse sabayon Malvasia with jelly and pomegranate seeds

Christmas Recipes Salina: mousse sabayon Malvasia with jelly and pomegranate

From Piedmont to Sicily, with recipes Love Salina this Christmas give mouth water all over Italy here is the steps to prepare the mousse sabayon with jelly Malvasia Malvasia and pomegranate seeds.
This dish has been designed for us by Irene, foodblogger of  "Stuzzichevole ".

Ingredients for 4 people:

For the base
- 4 eggs
- 75 g almond flour
- 75 g of sugar + 1 tablespoon
- 50 g of semolina flour
- 50 g of starch
- 1 bit of baking powder
- 60 g of butter
- A few drops of lemon

For the mousse of eggnog
- 2 egg yolks
- 70 ml of Malvasia
- 60 g of sugar
- 200 ml of fresh cream

For the jelly Malvasia
- 100 ml of Malvasia
- 2 sheets of gelatin

To decorate: pomegranate seeds, Malvasia for wetting the bed.

Put the gelatine to soak in cold water for at least 20 minutes. In a small pan, you heat the Malvasia. When about to boil, turn off the heat and melt the gelatin squeezed. Pour into a silicone mold or a flat tray. Let cool in the refrigerator for 6 hours.
A water bath, you work with a whisk the egg yolks with the sugar and Malvasia until the mixture is very fluffy. Put it in a bowl to cool. Whip the cream and stir well chilled zabaglione. Cover with plastic wrap and leave in the fridge until ready to use. Work the egg yolks with the sugar with the help of an electric mixer or using a planetary. When the mixture is foamy, built little by little flour, baking powder, starch and butter in pieces at room temperature. For the last, the egg whites gently incorporated (+ a few drops of lemon) mounted until stiff. Bake at 180 ° C for about 40 minutes. Let cool completely before assembling the cake.
Now we compose the dish: you can derive from the basic shape of your choice with a ring (I used the oval) you will use to unite all parties.
Wet the base lightly with liquor, cover with mousse and finished with jelly Malvasia. Decorated with pomegranate seeds.

If you want to suggest you also your recipes Christmas or test creativity with the typical products of the island of Salina, please email us on our Facebook fanpage .

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