Opening Hours of The Museum of Santa Marina Salina

In May and June 2015, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Ethno-anthropological (Via Pantano, Lingua), will be open at the following times: daily except Sunday from 10.00 to 12.30.


The Civic Museum of Santa Marina Salina is formed by three buildings, each dedicated to a different historic moment or to one of the many faces of the island. The hamlet of Lingua hosts the Ethnic-Anthropological and Archaeological sections, while next to the City Hall there is the Museum of Wine, an ancient parmiento (palmento1) whose function is explained together with that of some objects used to make wine. The Archaeological Section features materials coming from two important sites discovered in the territory of Santa Marina Salina. From the Middle Bronze Age village of Portella the archaeologist recovered many handmade pots, stone artifacts, the only bronze sword found in the Aeolian Islands and the typical big jars that were used to store water. However, the most important and admired find of the whole museum is undoubtedly the splendid Necklace of Portella (1500 A.D.), a jewel consisting of two threads of molten glass pearls and carnelian, discovered in 1955 in a hut of the village of Portella. The Ethnic and Anthropological Museum is situated in an old house of the first half of the nineteenth Century. Inside, we find the oven (furnu) and an old olive press (trappitu). The rooms reproduce settings of the daily life of the Aeolian people in the late 1800 – early 1900. The various finds displayed tell us about the daily work, mainly fishing and agriculture, of the islanders. The finds include tools used to process cereals or collect capers, a renowned pride of local agriculture. The first floor hosts photos and documents on the “sea merchants”, that is the Aeolian trade, especially of wine, in 1700-1800, enriched by the presence of scale models of the old merchant ships.