• Mountain covered with snow in Salina
  • Love Salina with snow
  • Love Salina on the snow
  • Snow in the Aeolian Islands in Salina
  • Salina Island snowy
  • Landscape of the island of Salina with snow
  • Salina Island with snow
  • Snow in Salina


Part of the Aeolian Islands, Salina is the only island that has embraced both expressions of the Aeolian tourism. On one hand there are plenty of places and social events which can fulfill the desire of a mundane holiday. On the other hand there is the stunning nature which offers peaceful and enjoyable holidays. The villages of Leni, Malfa, St. Maria Salina, Pollara, Lingua and Rinella together with the volcanic landscapes and the pristine beaches make Salina the perfect representative of the Aeolian archipelago. The island is also rich in fauna and flora which is protected as a natural reserve. Romantic and fascinating, Salina was chosen by the film producer Massimo Troisi as his last film set "Il Postino". Salina is an island to experience in its totality and easy to fall in love with. Love Salina!

virtual tour
  • landscape of Salina - Aeolian Islands
  • view of the sea to Salina - Aeolian Islands
  • Piazza di Salina - Aeolian Islands
  • In Salina waving the 5 sails of the Blue Guide of Legambiente
  • the sea to Salina - Aeolian Islands
  • bagnanti a Santa Marina Salina  - Isole Eolie
  • view of Santa Marina Salina - Aeolian Islands
  • church of Santa Marina Salina - Aeolian Islands
  • maritime landscape Salina - Aeolian Islands
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