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World record of apnea of Davide Carrera

Surely only the sea and the immense physical ability (but also mental) of an athlete out of the ordinary so begins a weekend that our portal lived in the front row. 21 and June 22 last the diver Davide Carrera has defied time to break the world record in constant weight apnea CMAS with tools, and all eyes were focused on the island of Salina.

Salina - Aeolian Islands

Saturday 21 from 9.30am smiles but also the organization on time: all ready. In this discipline the athlete decides autonomously when start the test then it is a lot of excitement. Then the crucial moment: the monofin Carrera disappears under the water and the diver, with its elegance and incredible speed, down into the blue sea of Santa Marina Salina. Immediately after completion of the test, however, the big disappointment: the judges of the CMAS not validate the result because Carrera has not complied with the protocol output. This regulation provides that the athlete should reach out and touch the assistant head of the jury present in the water within 10 seconds, while Davide has 18 employees. The athlete has the right to repeat the experiment the next day, he feels sure of himself and of his strength: we will try again the next day, always in the morning and always with our island of Salina to do by imposing a spectator.

Davide Carrera the first record attempt

And here we are on Sunday, 22. Same emotions, eyes fixed themselves, live streaming from our portal and this time the final coveted: despite the presence of a strong current at a depth of -40 meters, Carrera cuts through the water without fear, and after only 2 minutes and 44 seconds re-emerged, this time in time complementing the expected protocol. The judges give the go ahead and immediately start the festivities. Davide Carrera, former assistant Umberto Pelizzari and world record holder in free diving (-91 meters), has created a new World record, reaching -94 m depth, one more than the previous result conquered in 2012 by Homar Leuci .

Davide Carrera achieves the world record apnea in Santa Marina Salina

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