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Action! Here comes the Salina Doc Fest

From 23 to 27 September 2014 on the island of Salina will host the eighth edition of the  Salina Doc Fest - Festival of Documentary Narrative.
The topics chosen for this year revolve around a single pivot, the sea, with numerous variations that closely concern: migration, integration, the economic crisis, politics, ethics, and an interesting perspective on the documentary female entitled "Donne.doc."
The National Competition will end like every year with the award of the Tasca d'Almerita for best documentary. The titles chosen this year are: "The Show Go On MAS ' Rä Di Martino (Italy, 30 '), "The disease of desire" by Claudia Brignone (Italy, 57'), "what remains" of Antonio Martino (Italy, 50 '), "The Volcano" by Gianfranco Pannone (Italy, 80 '), "I'm with the bride" by Antonio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande, Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry (Italy / Palestine 92'), "I want white wings" by Chiara Zilli (Italy, 51 '), "God of Ticks: history of Danilo Dolci in Sicily" by Leandro Picarella and Giovanni Rosa (Italy 60 '), "Va' Pensiero" of Dagmawi Yimer (Italy, 56 ') and "La beauté c'est ta tête" ZimmerFrei (Italy / France, 60 ').

concorso film makers delle isole minori italiane 2014

In addition to the National Competition will be awarded the Prize Signum also dedicated to the documentary most voted by the public, and the Award Ravesi "From Text to Screen," went this year to the writer Nahal Tajadod for the novel "The Iranian actress". During the event you will discover finally the winner of Malvasia Contest "Islanders yes no isolated", also open to non-professional filmmakers.

The festival has been in recent months the center of many reflections, even bitter, about the funding for culture and cinema in Italy: Giovanna Taviani, director of the event since 2007, announced that the Salina Doc Fest "in 2014 was excluded from any form of regional funding. "During the presentation of the festival, in Venice, the writer Roberto Saviano has called the Salina Doc Fest important pillar for the formation of his style of writing and drew attention to the importance of this event: "The festival of Salina me started to an art form that I was not the most abandoned. The documentary eye on the World, thousands of eyes on the World. "Roberto Saviano attend the final evening of the festival, from the United States in connection with the square of Santa Marina Salina
Guest of the festival, Tuesday, Sept. 23, also Golshifteh Farahani, who has dedicated the book to Nahal Tajadod.

To find other events of September on the island of Salina, see the dedicated page here.

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