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  • Island of Salina - Aeolian Islands
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  • view of the sea of Salina
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The lake of Lingua

A walk to Lingua - fotopost

A small island, a great natural heritage rich in beautiful landscapes: Today we are in Lingua.

Traditions Salina Island: the tavuliate


Among the many traditions of the island of Salina features - in the Aeolian islands - is that of tavuliate or tables.. On the occasion of this festival the town families prepare local dishes, such as pasta sauce or chickpeas, and plac...

Christmas Recipes Salina: panettone revisited gluten free

An island of taste: Christmas recipes on Salina - Panettone gourmet gluten free

Love good food means knowing how to enjoy it even in the presence of food intolerances or limitations regarding our health. This is why we asked the site Gluten Free Travel&Living to offer our fans a recipe able to inspire those who are gluten intoler...

Christmas Recipes Salina: mousse sabayon Malvasia with jelly and pomegranate

An island of taste: Christmas recipes on Salina - mousse sabayon Malvasia with jelly and pomegranate seeds

From Piedmont to Sicily, with recipes Love Salina this Christmas give mouth water all over Italy here is the steps to prepare the mousse sabayon with jelly Malvasia Malvasia and pomegranate seeds.
This dish has been designed for us by Irene, foodbl...

Christmas Recipes Salina: muffins capers and mozzarella goat

An island of taste: Christmas recipes on Salina - Muffin Salina capers and mozzarella goat

The week of Christmas is coming and we add to your menu tasty idea.
How about combining the caper of Salina mozzarella goat, all wrapped up in a tasty savory muffins?
Marta, foodblogger of "Ciotola di riso bianco, explains how to prepar...

Christmas Recipes Salina: cake with cream flavored Malvasia

An island of taste: Christmas recipes on Salina - Cups cake with cream mousseline flavored Malvasia

Blog back a recipe Christmas, this week prepared to Love Salina from foodblogger Piedmont Cristina of "Cucine con Vista ". Cristina has chosen for us to reinvent a classic Christmas: Panettone (Christmas yeast cake with raisins & candied fru...

By night: the island of Salina in the evening

Views of the island of Salina - fotopost

We continue the virtual tour of the island of Salina with our fotopost Today we admire the corners and streets that speak of the sea, nature, and beauty

The postman scene in the movie with Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret

Salina's Il Postino for you

How important is poetry?  Very: taught us the film Il Postino, a masterpiece of 1994, directed by Michael Radford and Scottish starred, among others, Philippe Noiret, Massimo Troisi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta.  The film is adapted from the novel Ar...

Vacanze Salina Isole Eolie

A walk to Santa Marina Salina - Fotopost

Places are stories.
So today we begin with our users on a journey made ​​up of images, photographs that tell the island of Salina.
It starts from Santa Marina!

Museum of emigration Malfa - Salina

Love Salina interview the director of the Museum of Emigration in Malfa

The editors of Love Salina interviewed Marcello Saija, director of the Aeolian Museum of Emigration in Malfa.
Together with him we find out more about this space, which collects memories of the past records of those who chose to leave for a ...

Salina Doc Fest

Action! Here comes the Salina Doc Fest

From 23 to 27 September 2014 on the island of Salina will host the eighth edition of the Salina Doc Fest - Festival of Documentary Narrative. The topics chosen for this year revolve around a single pivot, the sea, with numerous variations that closely con...

Vacanze Salina Isole Eolie

Salina and its volcanoes

In addition to being a little green paradise, island of Salina has a particular conformation of volcanic origin. Salina has, in fact, on its territory full six volcanoes are located in the oldest town Pizzo di Corvo,

Vacanze Salina Isole Eolie

Malvasia, typical wine of the Salina island

In summer we want a light and delicious wine, far away from full-bodied reds that are perfect to warm up the winter.
Today we present the Malvasia, a typical product of the island of Salina.

Vacanze Salina Isole Eolie

World record of apnea of Davide Carrera

Surely only the sea and the immense physical ability (but also mental) of an athlete out of the ordinary so begins a weekend that our portal lived in the front row. 21 and June 22 last the diver Davide Carrera has defied time to break th...

Vacanze Salina Isole Eolie

Santa Marina Salina awarded with the 5 Vele Guida Blu 2014

Once again awarded the sea of Santa Marina Salina.
The joint Aeolian get it again the five sails, occupying the first place among the smaller islands of the standings Blue Guide of Legambiente.

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